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For finishers only!!

TikiSwim3 will sell out!!

OCEANSIDE PIER, Tuesday 9/24- TikiSwim3 will definitely sell out. Currently there are only 20 entries left. We do not oversell because we want all of our athletes to receive the SWAG promised, so if you plan on swimming I would register now!!  

FAQ’s and Athlete letter for Tikiswim3 are now available

OCEANSIDE PIER- We have just finished updating the Frequently Asked Questions as well as the TikiSwim3 athlete’s letter. The FAQ’s are located under the registration tab with the 2013 Athlete’s Letter located under the FAQ’s tab. A couple very important things to consider. We are going to sell out. Register NOW!! It helps everyone if […]

XTERRA Wetsuits and the Tiki Swim are the perfect swim combo!!

Tiki Swim welcomes XTERRA Wetsuits back to San Diego and you save 60%

OCEANSIDE- XTERRA Wetsuits has made their way back to where is all started and we could not be happier.  I have been swimming in XTERRA Wetsuits for many many years and have always found the fit, durability and functionality to be spot on. The Vector Pro wetsuit has been my wetsuit of choice even over […]

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