Tiki Swim Workouts


Great group training opportunities

OCEANSIDE- New to ocean swimming? Afraid of the waves? Need practice sighting? Looking to build endurance? Want to freak out some fisherman fishing at the end of the Oceanside Pier? Well, if you said yes to any of these, then you have to come join us every Sunday for our weekly ocean swim.

Every Sunday the Carlsbad Open Water Swimmers group meets at 7:45 at the picnic tables on the south side of the Oceanside pier for an 8:00 swim. We have swimmers of all abilities, but you should be able to comfortably swim 1500 meters in the pool, and should be swimming on a regular basis.

This is a great way to prepare for TikiSwim4 and to find out about more swimming opportunities you can visit the COWS meetup page @ http://www.meetup.com/Carlsbad-Ocean-Swimming/

Reserve your VIP experience NOW!!

OCEANSIDE PIER- Ever want to experience the thrill of paddling an outrigger canoe? Want to be on the course to support your swimmer where you can take pictures, video and cheer them on? Well here is your chance.

The Tiki Swim, being supported by volunteers from the Oceanside Outrigger club, is offering a one of a kind VIP experience at a new lower price of $75. The proceeds from the VIP experience go to the Outrigger club to support their programs.  The OOCC will be supplying a streersman and stroker, so you will also be providing some of the horsepower.

There is absolutely no better way to experience the Tiki Swim and this type of package is not being offered at any other local races, so take advantage of this one of kind experience for you and your swimmer!!

Reserve your outrigger now by sending an email to brian@tikiswim.com.

Project U: Swimming the Pier with Umida.

OCEANSIDE PIER- Went for a swim today with my pal from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Umida Lesicko who will be swimming the 2.4 mile Tiki Swim on September 25th. Register now at http://www.tikiswim.com to hangout with the gang!!

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Amazing discount codes


Checkout the discount code page under the registration tab for savings up to $15 for athletes doing Ironman Arizona or the World Championship in 2011.

We have numerous options for athletes to save, donate or rebate $10 to charity or the club you represent.

Just enter the code when registering.

Tiki Swim is coming to life

Flickr photo by aarmono

OCEANSIDE- Every time I ride through the Oceanside Harbor I look over at that inviting still water and have imagined a swim there. We in North San Diego County are not fortunate enough to have an open water swim venue similar to La Jolla Cove, Mission or Glorietta Bay and it is often the surf that makes ocean swim so intimidating.

Now the TIKI SWIM offers a compromise. There will be a surf entry , however the back part of the course takes swimmers into the Oceanside Harbor where athletes will be enjoy the protected environment as fatigue starts setting in. Additionally, for those nervous about open water swimming, we placed swimmer safety as our number one priority. The  Tiki Swim course will have over 30 trained lifeguards plus personal water craft and Oceanside Harbor Police boats. That’s one guard approximately every 150 yards!!

As a triathlete we also wanted to create e a swim that caters to triathlon’s nuance as well as an event for swimmers. The Tiki Swim provides athletes the chance to experience or train for their full and half distance swim. This is a great opportunity for those doing the Arizona triathlon to gauge their readiness or for an athlete sitting on the fence to experience what for most is the most intimidating part of triathlon. The TIKI SWIM encourages the use of wetsuits  and will have divisions for both wetsuit and traditional swimmers.