2013 Salt Creek Rough Water Swim hosts USMS Championship

SALT CREEK- The Mission Viejo Natedores Swim Club, is hosting the 2013 US Master Swim’s >1 but <3 mile open water National Championship. The event is scheduled for August 4, 2013 and will be taking place at Salt Creek beach.

There will be a 1.2 mile swim as well as 2.4 and 1.2 mile wetsuit swims but those swims will “not be scored and will not be eligible for awards.”

While we support this swim, this is another great reason to do the Tiki Swim. We have separate divisions for traditional and wetsuit, but when it comes to awards they are treated the same. I understand the need to be strict about the National Championship, but USMS treating those that use wetsuits as “less than” only hinders their sport. Even UCI saw the benefit of disc wheels, aerobars, electronic drivetrains and so much more.

To register for the Natadores Rough Water Swim, follow this link. We’ll see you there.