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Here we are at the fifth anniversary of the TikiSwim and we are stoked. Taking place Sunday 9.27.2015, the TikiSwim is the ONLY open water swimming event in Southern California. It also was the first event(and still web-home 100only) to allow swimmers to enter the Oceanside Small Craft Harbor.

When we started the TikiSwim we were the first event to offer a wetsuit category that was awarded equally yet separately from traditional swimmers. Additionally we were also the first to have an aid station on the water stocked with water and Hammer Nutrition hydration and nutrition products.

Another aspect of the TikiSwim that sets it apart are our amazing awards and race swag. The TikiSwim trucker hats are in high demand and our finisher’s leis are hand woven by the Oceanside Outrigger and Canoe club. All finishers also receive a custom TikiSwim5 medal** and fresh handmade breakfast burrito to refuel!

. Lastly, as part of the two day Oceanside Harbor Days Festival, the TikiSwim is a very family friendly race. After the swim, shop and play with your family and friends at the festival featuring 400 plus vendor booths. We look forward to another great event and thank all of swimmers, volunteers and sponsors for helping us build such a great event!!

Current pricing for the 1.2 mile is $78.49 and $92.95 for the 2.4 mile. Use code CLUB5 for 10% off.

If you have already registered, please confirm your registration by going to the Registered Athletes page above.

** we had promoted carved tikis to all finishers, but the carvers in Bali will not have them done in time, so we had to cancel the order.