Swimmers throughout the US heading to TikiSwim4


The Tiki Swim, founded by local real estate agent Brian Long and his good friend John Hill, is quickly becoming a must do event across the US.

Now in its fourth year, the Tiki Swim has steadily increased in numbers and the hope is that the swim will consistently see 6-800 swimmers. This

Will you get yours?

Will you get yours?

year, the race directors have capped the race at 500 after increasing it from 300 last year and the event will sell out again. The primary reason for capping the race is to insure that all of the swimmers receive the SWAG promised, and the Tiki Swim is not short on SWAG.

Each year all finishers receive a custom Tiki Swim hat commemorating that year’s swim as well as a full color finisher’s medal and a hand woven satin lei produced by the Oceanside Outrigger and Canoe Club. In the past they have also received a pancake breakfast provided by the Oceanside Firefighters Association, but with the growth in swimmers, this year they will also be offering breakfast burritos provided by Pedro’s Tacos in addition to the pancake breakfast.

While the majority of the swimmers are from the greater southern California area, as of this writing 11 states and 3 countries are being representing.

John and Brian would like to thank all of those who support the Tiki Swim and look forward to another great event.

Tiki Swim Workouts


Great group training opportunities

OCEANSIDE- New to ocean swimming? Afraid of the waves? Need practice sighting? Looking to build endurance? Want to freak out some fisherman fishing at the end of the Oceanside Pier? Well, if you said yes to any of these, then you have to come join us every Sunday for our weekly ocean swim.

Every Sunday the Carlsbad Open Water Swimmers group meets at 7:45 at the picnic tables on the south side of the Oceanside pier for an 8:00 swim. We have swimmers of all abilities, but you should be able to comfortably swim 1500 meters in the pool, and should be swimming on a regular basis.

This is a great way to prepare for TikiSwim4 and to find out about more swimming opportunities you can visit the COWS meetup page @ http://www.meetup.com/Carlsbad-Ocean-Swimming/

TikiSwim3 will sell out!!

OCEANSIDE PIER, Tuesday 9/24-

For finishers only!!

For finishers only!!

TikiSwim3 will definitely sell out. Currently there are only 20 entries left. We do not oversell because we want all of our athletes to receive the SWAG promised, so if you plan on swimming I would register now!!


FAQ’s and Athlete letter for Tikiswim3 are now available


We have just finished updating the Frequently Asked Questions as well as the TikiSwim3 athlete’s letter. The FAQ’s are located under the registration tab with the 2013 Athlete’s Letter located under the FAQ’s tab.

A couple very important things to consider.

  1. We are going to sell out. Register NOW!!
  2. It helps everyone if you come to packet pick up on Saturday. There will be so much going on with the Harbor Days festivities, so bring some friends and family
  3. Packet pick up is at the boat launch ramps in the Harbor SATURDAY ONLY from 1-4. Race day, everything is located south of the pier. There will be shuttles taking 1.2 swimmers, volunteers and spectators from the pier to the finish.
  4. On Sunday, the returning shuttles will only be going to the Oceanside Transit Center where there is free parking. If you park in one of the pay lots close to the pier, no worries, but you will have to walk back to your car.
  5.  Have fun!

Tiki Swim welcomes XTERRA Wetsuits back to San Diego and you save 60%

XTERRA Wetsuits and the Tiki Swim are the perfect swim combo!!

XTERRA Wetsuits and the Tiki Swim are the perfect swim combo!!

OCEANSIDE- XTERRA Wetsuits has made their way back to where is all started and we could not be happier.  I have been swimming in XTERRA Wetsuits for many many years and have always found the fit, durability and

functionality to be spot on. The Vector Pro wetsuit has been my wetsuit of choice even over the higher end Vendetta. I loved the comfort of the Vendetta but found it to be a bit to delicate. Whichever suit you decide on, you can not go wrong and especially at such great savings!!

Try before you buy by visiting the XTERRA Wetsuit showroom located at 610 Gateway Center Way, Suite J, San Diego, CA 92102 and make sure to use code R-TIKIJUMP to save 60%!! To buy online, follow this link.


2013 Salt Creek Rough Water Swim hosts USMS Championship

SALT CREEK- The Mission Viejo Natedores Swim Club, is hosting the 2013 US Master Swim’s >1 but <3 mile open water National Championship. The event is scheduled for August 4, 2013 and will be taking place at Salt Creek beach.

There will be a 1.2 mile swim as well as 2.4 and 1.2 mile wetsuit swims but those swims will “not be scored and will not be eligible for awards.”

While we support this swim, this is another great reason to do the Tiki Swim. We have separate divisions for traditional and wetsuit, but when it comes to awards they are treated the same. I understand the need to be strict about the National Championship, but USMS treating those that use wetsuits as “less than” only hinders their sport. Even UCI saw the benefit of disc wheels, aerobars, electronic drivetrains and so much more.

To register for the Natadores Rough Water Swim, follow this link. We’ll see you there.

Tiki Swim welcomes Oceanside 70.3 athletes

OCEANSIDE- This Saturday 2000+ athletes hit the harbor for the first leg of the 2012 Oceanside Ironman 70.3 triathlon. While the water temperature is a bit on the chilly side, the athletes will enjoy the still water afforded by swimming in the harbor and this is only the second time a year that the Oceanside Harbor is closed for swimmers.

We invite all of the 70.3 participants back in September to rise to the challenge of the Tiki Swim and not only swim in the harbor, but swim INTO the harbor. Register now to take advantage of early pricing and make sure to visit our sponsors and please take a second to like us on FACEBOOK

Tiki Swim- By Traithletes. For Everyone.

Finish Line Photos available now


Tiki Headquarters- The finish line photos are now available for “free”. That means, you can buy the digital file for $10 and when you register next year, 2012, you will receive a $10 rebate.

To order your photos,click on the image below and follow the image tour below and then go to Heidi Lee Portraits.

Reserve your VIP experience NOW!!

OCEANSIDE PIER- Ever want to experience the thrill of paddling an outrigger canoe? Want to be on the course to support your swimmer where you can take pictures, video and cheer them on? Well here is your chance.

The Tiki Swim, being supported by volunteers from the Oceanside Outrigger club, is offering a one of a kind VIP experience at a new lower price of $75. The proceeds from the VIP experience go to the Outrigger club to support their programs.  The OOCC will be supplying a streersman and stroker, so you will also be providing some of the horsepower.

There is absolutely no better way to experience the Tiki Swim and this type of package is not being offered at any other local races, so take advantage of this one of kind experience for you and your swimmer!!

Reserve your outrigger now by sending an email to brian@tikiswim.com.

Please Help theTiki Swim support Umida Lesicko’s MS fundraising

TIKI HEADQUARTERS- My good friend, and Tiki Swim athlete,  Umida Lesicko is joining with the team members of Uncle Phil’s Feat to help raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Umida’s story goes from being  adopted from an Uzbekistan to qualifying for the World Championship Triathlon as a challenged athlete, but the untold story now is that her adoptive mother has been diagnosed with MS, so this is Umida’s opportunity to return the favor.

Raising money for the MS Society ties in a bit deeper with the Tiki Swim, as Tiki Swim co-founder John Hill, lost his sister in law in a short period to an aggressive form of MS.

Please go to Umida’s MS Ride San Diego donation page, make a contribution, and know that all the money goes directly to the MS Society.