Project U: Swimming the Pier with Umida.

OCEANSIDE PIER- Went for a swim today with my pal from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Umida Lesicko who will be swimming the 2.4 mile Tiki Swim on September 25th. Register now at to hangout with the gang!!

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Tikis are gathering for finish

Put some adventure in your swim!!

SAN MARCOS- Went out to Smokin’ Tikis today to pick up our custom 7 foot tikis that will be oart of the TIKI SWIM finish line. Designed by a local artist and carved out coconut palm, these “head dress” tikis symbolize long life.

I also met with the local artist that will be creating our overall male and female finishers. They are going to one of kind made from recycled Hawaiian shirts and acrylic paint. Super excited to see how they come out!!

If you haven’t registered for the TIKI SWIM, do so now!! This is gonna be a blast!!

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Tamarack Beach Swim

Title: Tamarack Beach Swim
Location: Tamarack State Beach
Description: Meet in the parking lot for Tamarack State beach for a 1.1 to 1.8 mile ocean swim.

Today we will be doing a surf clinic.
Start Time: 6:00
Date: 2011-05-03

Tiki Swim is coming to life

Flickr photo by aarmono

OCEANSIDE- Every time I ride through the Oceanside Harbor I look over at that inviting still water and have imagined a swim there. We in North San Diego County are not fortunate enough to have an open water swim venue similar to La Jolla Cove, Mission or Glorietta Bay and it is often the surf that makes ocean swim so intimidating.

Now the TIKI SWIM offers a compromise. There will be a surf entry , however the back part of the course takes swimmers into the Oceanside Harbor where athletes will be enjoy the protected environment as fatigue starts setting in. Additionally, for those nervous about open water swimming, we placed swimmer safety as our number one priority. The  Tiki Swim course will have over 30 trained lifeguards plus personal water craft and Oceanside Harbor Police boats. That’s one guard approximately every 150 yards!!

As a triathlete we also wanted to create e a swim that caters to triathlon’s nuance as well as an event for swimmers. The Tiki Swim provides athletes the chance to experience or train for their full and half distance swim. This is a great opportunity for those doing the Arizona triathlon to gauge their readiness or for an athlete sitting on the fence to experience what for most is the most intimidating part of triathlon. The TIKI SWIM encourages the use of wetsuits  and will have divisions for both wetsuit and traditional swimmers.